A Plea For Help: Please Date My Sisters!


January is half over, already. I’ve spent the first two weeks of the year thinking about and planning my business goals for the year and realized, I should do the same for my personal life. I have a few things on my hot list; continue to stay active with my kids, lose a few pounds, the normal stuff. I have a business idea on my brain that I hope to investigate further too, but these list items just were not filling my tank.

Family is always at the top of my priority list so I got to thinking beyond the family in my own home. On both sides of our family, we are blessed. Our parents are financially stable and responsible. Our siblings are healthy and happy. But you know, my kids sure could use a few more cousins…

Hello, lightbulb moment.

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My sister, Elyse, lives in Chicago. She has a great job that she loves, good friends, she has discovered a newfound passion for running and is considering opening an Etsy shop (okay that last one might not be true but she’s really talented so I’m hoping to pressure her into it). Oh, and she’s gorgeous. She’s always been the thin, petite, cute version of me. We can both enjoy a nice helping of Easter candy or fried buffalo chicken and my a** grows before the check arrives; she remains this tiny little thing.Β She’s fun to be around, but she’s also truly caring and thoughtful.

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My sister-in-law, Gwen, lives here in Columbus, Ohio; a five minute drive from us. She has a good job too, and loves to work out. Her group of friends is HUGE; people just truly like to be around her. She always finds a way to make anything fun and loves to laugh. You can say anything to her. She’s 6′ tall and one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Talk about intimidating when I first met her back in 2009! Luckily, she’s very down to earth and is a great confidant.

As I’m typing this, I’m even saying to myself, “Doesn’t sound like there’s a problem.”

So here’s the problem. THEY’RE BOTH SINGLE.

Why are two ladies with so much going for them, having awful luck in the romance department?

It is my mission to search the country for men worthy of dating these ladies and finding them a match. They deserve romance, they deserve lifelong love, and they deserve to find that missing piece of life I know they’re both looking for.

Although I have been known to love a good joke, let me be clear, this is NOT A JOKE, but I do intend on having fun with it. πŸ™‚

And yes, before you wonder how p***ed they’ll be at me for posting this on the Internet, I did ask for permission in advance. They don’t know EXACTLY how I planned to do this or my methods, but they both basically had the feeling that it can’t hurt to try.



So here’s what I need. I need help in finding a man for each of my beautiful sisters. Listen, we’re not looking for America’s Next Top Model necessarily. They simply need to find a man that is nice, normal, responsible, EMPLOYED. Caring and funny. A man that wants to watch college football in the fall, take fun vacations, spend time with [the best ever] family on the holidays. Someone that will treat a woman with RESPECT.

It doesn’t seem like it should be too hard, although it has proven to be so far. I am confident these men exist and are out there so I’m praying that my faith in the power of God and word of mouth will help friends of friends of friends of friends find the right guys for these sisters of mine.

To all of the people reading this post, to my family and friends, to my acquaintances, to my Iowa Hawkeyes and Wichita State Shockers, to Nate’s Ohio State Buckeyes, to Steve Harvey, Ellen and Good Morning America, to the folks at The Bachelor… ANYONE. Please send the good guys my way and let’s see if we can make a match.

— ACB —



5 responses to “A Plea For Help: Please Date My Sisters!

  1. You make me cry….big, heartfelt tears. I pray for a partner for Elyse all the time, but you are the one who really goes out there to get it done. I know our God has an incredible plan for both Elyse and Gwen. I will pray more fervently and I’m asking my friends about guys they might know that fit The Ask. You are incredible!!!! Glad your heart is on fire for this blog and your family.


  2. Abigail (Abby?) – if I leave my contact information, can you get in touch with me? I’m totally randomly doing this here, but I’m in Chicago and Elyse sounds like a very sweet person, not to mention (as you said) gorgeous. Just taking a chance here…


    • Hi Scott, I’m so sorry for the delay in response! As big sister, I am vetting the dating process but would love to chat privately via email to learn more about you first if you’d be up for that! Feel free to leave your contact info if you’re still interested and I’ll shoot you an email. Thank you!! πŸ™‚ – Abigail


  3. Abigail-

    Good evening! Hope the endeavor’s going well! I’d love to take you up on your offer, if it still stands. Have a good weekend!


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