We’re Back and We’ve Grown

It’s been over two years since I wrote on this blog. I’ve thought about this blog quite a bit actually in this time and in all honesty, I’ve missed it. I enjoy writing and I am obsessed with documenting life.



What nobody knew was that my parents jumped in the car and drove 8 hours from Iowa when they heard of my miscarriage. My dad celebrated his birthday while the were there. My friends were amazing; they were helping to empty our basement when we found mold in the drywall and had to tear apart the entire space.

Well, in the fall of 2013, we had some of the most incredible highs; our son turned one, we had a nice, big house. Nate had a stable job, we were feeling pretty comfortable and hoping to expand our family.

The missing link was all about family. We lived in Cincinnati but the closest family member was a 3-hour drive away. It was just too far. We had both grown up living very close to family and grandparents and loved the experience of having large family gatherings growing up.

We quietly decided to start looking for jobs in Columbus, Ohio – much closer to family. While thinking through the logistics of relocating a family to a new city, we thought, “Maybe we should list our house for sale, just for the heck of it.” As luck would have it, we sold our house in just eleven days – but had barely had time to find jobs that would allow us to move.

At the same time that contractors worked on a variety of requests the buyers had on our house, I suffered a miscarriage after being 11 weeks pregnant.

Stress and emotions were high – the loss of our baby and the dreams that accompanied having a little brother or sister for our toddler… having to find a place to live without telling anyone so that Nate’s employer wouldn’t wonder what was going on… the frantic need to find jobs in the new city we hoped to move to.


This was the pregnancy announcement photo we never got to share publicly. I was so excited to have a 4th of July baby – my favorite holiday.

We packed our entire house into moving trucks and moved most of our belongings to a storage unit in Columbus. The rest went into a small rental home with a 3-month lease. Living in that smaller house turned out to be a blessing; I put my Etsy shop on hold due to space and just focused on playing all day with Cooper. It was less work to clean and we explored a new area of town. It all worked out perfectly; Nate was offered and accepted a new job that would allow us to move right at the end of our 3-month lease.


I learned I was pregnant again within weeks of moving.


So happy to announce my pregnancy on the 4th of July, 2015

Fast forward almost two years now and we’re feeling happy and secure in our home in Columbus. We have a 3-year old son in preschool and a 1-year old daughter that adores her big brother. Nate loves his job, I started my own business (that I love) and life is good.

With all of that typed, I finally feel like I just took a deep breath out and can breathe. I missed this little ol’ blog and sharing my ideas and photos with the unknown people of the internet, my Aunt and Grandma, and the 4 other people that likely read this. I’m back. I got my paint brush out this weekend. I feel like I’m the person I want to be right now and I’m happy with that.

—– ACB —–


One response to “We’re Back and We’ve Grown

  1. You are so precious to me…..I’ll read your words over and over again and feel the affirmation of your life. What a beautiful woman you are! What an incredible writer you are. What a joy you are to me. May the Lord continue to abundantly bless you. xoxoxxo

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