Cooper and Lane Visit the Pumpkin Patch

Schappacher Farms

Social Media tells us we should take photos of our child at the pumpkin patch or playing in the leaves. Luckily, some of our favorite people happen to own a large farm nearby so this morning, we put on our fall gear and headed toward Lebanon to visit Schappacher Farms.

We met our friends Jess and little Lane, who is just two days younger than Cooper. One of the many things I love about this farm is that you can see kids and adults of ALL ages. Many little babies in the arms of their parents (much like Coop was last year), and so many older kids enjoying the many fun “fall” things to do.

Schappacher Farms Pumpkin Patch

Our group spent the majority of our time in the pumpkin patch, where you get to pick out your own pumpkin before taking it up the hill to be weighed. The boys loved “drumming” on the big pumpkins and running after strangers new friends.

Cooper at the Pumpkin Patch Lane at the Pumpkin Patch

One Year Olds Enjoying the Pumpkin Patch

Family Enjoys Pumpkin Patch Family Enjoys Pumpkin Patch

After sufficient time in the pumpkin patch, we walked up the hill to check out the bigger kids petting the mini horses and watched the mini electric train (only $2 per ride!). The hay rides are free. Yes, FREE. Is anything free anymore? This family is so awesome to provide memorable experiences like this to keep the day economical for a family.

FREE Hay Rides

The shop is filled with all sorts of goodies and we enjoyed hot apple cider, pumpkin cookies and a pretzel. When it comes to “Uncle” Butch and “Aunt” Sherry, these kids typically get spoiled so they both also tried a deliciously sugary juice in a pumpkin container. What a day!

Yummy Cookies Cookies for Everyone The farmer, he's a natural!

Buying Pumpkins Schappacher Farms Candles Schappacher Farms Raw Honey

I want to personally thank Butch, Sherry, Ashley, AJ, Matthew, Bethany, and the MANY other family members and friends that create these experiences for not only my family but so many others. Even though we came home with the pumpkin we had hoped for, something tells me we’ll be back again next weekend to try those hand-dipped caramel apples!

Our Pumpkin The Schappachers with Our Son

– Abigail


One response to “Cooper and Lane Visit the Pumpkin Patch

  1. Cool, cool, cool. Loved the pictures of our “little man”. He is growing up so fast. There’s nothing like a day in the pumpkin patch. What a great post. Love you!!


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