Homemade Baby Food – My First Attempt

Homemade Baby Food TipsWe are so fortunate to be in a situation that allows me to stay home with Cooper as a Stay At Home Mom. With that privilege, I do my best to find cost savings opportunities as much as possible. With the invention of Pinterest, I’ve also discovered a love of cooking from scratch.

Even in the age of technology and easy meals, I find it really empowering to mix all of my ingredients together to create a meal – plus, I’m so much more educated on what we eat in our household now.

Even though we are great coupon clippers and often find deals on baby food, I thought it just made sense to try to make our own . Thanks to a great support network on Facebook full of mommies that I often turn to, I recently attempted our first few batches.

Because we know that Cooper loves peaches, pears and carrots already, we started there. I’m happy to report that not only was it super easy, it was very fulfilling to know I had saved our family money and that Cooper is eating great, healthy foods.

The process was super easy:
– Wash the foods (and peel, if necessary)
– Chop into small pieces
– Steam (I used our steam pans for the stove)
– Cool
– Puree (I used our Ninja blender, but may also use our food processor in the future)
– Add water as necessary (try to use the water from your steaming process if possible)
– Pour into ice cube trays (each “cube” is approx. 1 oz)
– Freeze overnight in the trays
– Pop frozen cubes out, store in labeled freezer bag

I read somewhere that it only took a few minutes to thaw. In my experience, it takes MUCH longer to thaw than that. Like, hours. So, maybe our freezer is super cold. Essentially, I try to just think a meal ahead and at breakfast time, I put frozen cubes in a bowl in the fridge so that they can thaw for lunch. Make sense?

The only downfall that I experienced: it made a pretty big mess in my kitchen with a sink full of dishes (cutting board, knife, peelings from the fruit, steam pot, steamer, blender, etc.). With a baby around, big messes are not always ideal so you really need to ensure your little one can take a great nap or can be occupied for a good hour.

The really cool part, is the cost savings. Produce prices vary greatly by location, seasonality, retailer, but below you can see how I netted out in March in Ohio. The peaches were the most expensive and were essentially the same price as Gerber, but the pears and carrots were cheaper.

Homemade Baby Food Peaches

Homemade Peaches:
– 4 peaches at $2.98/pound, weighing 1.61 pounds = $4.80
– For me, this made 15 ounces of baby food = $.32/ounce
– In contrast: Gerber 2nd Foods for Supported Sitter is $1.59 on average for 5 ounces = $.32/ounce
Conclusion: No savings

Homemade Baby Food Pears

Homemade Baby Food Pears:
– 3 pears at $1.37/pound, weighing 2.2 pounds = $3.01
– For me, this made 16 ounces of baby food = $.18/ounce
– In contrast: Gerber 2nd Foods for Supported Sitter is $1.59 on average for 5 ounces = $.32/ounce
Conclusion: $.14/ounce savings!

Homemade Baby Food Carrots

Homemade Baby Food Carrots:
– 1 32-oz bag of pre-cut baby carrots = $2.38
– For me, this made 32 ounces of baby food = $.07/ounce
– In contrast: Gerber 2nd Foods for Supported Sitter is $1.59 on average for 5 ounces = $.32/ounce
– Conclusion: $.25/ounce savings!

We’ve already done another batch of pears and peaches and have the supplies to give peas a try.

Hope this helps give perspective to the great perks of making your own baby food!

– Abigail –


2 responses to “Homemade Baby Food – My First Attempt

  1. This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! Luke just started on ‘solids’ last week (with our doctor’s permission, we opted to start with fruits instead of cereal) and I’ve been wanting to make Luke’s food instead of purchasing the pre-packaged stuff. I just need to take the leap now and give it a go 🙂


  2. Fruits and veggies….nothing better. I’ve been doing more seasonal “processing” of what’s available at our Farmers Market grocery than I ever imagined I’d do. John loves having sweet corn all year round. You gotta try mashed sweet potatoes and mashed cauliflower….two of my favorites that freeze great. My Ninja is like a best friend!! So glad to hear about your efforts to give Cooper healthy, yummy food. You are such a good momma. I’m very proud of you. Hugs to all. Aunt Sherri


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