Easy Door Updates For Under $200

Before & After - Updated Hinges and Door Knobs

As we walk around our house on a daily basis, it is easy to overlook the tiny details that make the house look up-to-date. But whenever we host friends or family for an event and the cleaning begins, I feel like I always find little items that bother me.

One such item that has been on my mind is our old gold/brass, mis-matched door handles.  Throughout the house, you can tell that some were replaced at different times before we owned it and are different shapes and shades of color.  They’re also really dirty looking… and outdated!

Thanks to the tip from my parents (who are doing the same thing at their house), we decided to investigate making this simple, but effective upgrade.  After some price shopping and planning, we decided to spend the money on new door handles throughout the entire house, but save on hinges by spray painting them instead of buying new.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give for this type of project is to walk around your house with a pen and paper to count all of the door knobs.  And then have your husband do it separately to ensure you got the same number.  And then take a picture of the list on your phone… just in case you happen to forget the list at home when you go to the hardware store.  I may or not be speaking from experience here.  And trust me, it will be suuuuuper annoying if you don’t get all of the handles you need.

Another important factor to consider is that there are multiple types of door handles.  The two kinds that we needed were “Bed & Bath” interior handles with locks, and “Hall & Closet” without locks.

Upon price checking, we decided to go to Menards (there’s a new one in town that is two levels and we still think it’s awesome) and chose Tru-Bolt brand – not the most expensive on the lot but not the cheapest either.

TruBolt Door Handles from Menards

We thought it best to also remove the doors to update the old gross hinges.  Thanks to the tip from my house-painter dad, we first soaked them in Lacquer Thinner for about fifteen minutes to get the grime off from the past 25 years.

Lacquer Thinner

A quick coat of silver Rust-Oleum Primer+Paint spray paint and they went back up without any problem.

RustOleum Spray Paint

Though it might sound like a tedious job, we were able to knock it out in one day by keeping the hinges organized in the garage (where we soaked and painted), and only doing two doors worth of hinges at a time.

The budget breakdown:
– Tru-Bolt Dublin Bed & Bath Door Handles (Satin Chrome): $13.99 x 9 handles = $125.91
– Tru-Bolt Dublin Hall & Closet Door Handles (Satin Chrome): $12.98 x 4 handles = $51.92
– Lacquer Thinner:$6.38
– Rust-Oleum Primer+Paint Spray Paint (Aluminum): $2.98 x 2 cans = $5.96
– Cardboard for hinges to dry on (and to spray paint onto): Already Had
– Grand Total: $190.17*

*Obviously total project costs vary based on the number of doors in your house

The results are awesome and make our house feel so much more updated.  Now I can remove that line item from my ridiculous mental list of upgrades needed for our next gathering. 🙂

Before & After - Updated Door Knobs

– Abigail

The opinions in the post above are completely my own based on my own experiences and I do not have a current relationship with any of the brands or products listed in this post.


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