Bratwurst Pizza to Honor the Reds Post-Season Play!

The Reds had an awesome season this year and we always like to grill up our Bratwurst Patties when watching the games at home.  When they made it to the post-season, we decided it was time to mix it up a little so it was time to get creative.  Combining two of our game-day favorites, we came up with Bratwurst Pizza…and it was TASTY!!

Recipe is below and under the photos is a printable recipe sheet if you’d like to use that.  Enjoy!


•2 A Brown House bratwurst patties
•4 slices bacon
•1 green pepper
•1 onion
•½ C. pizza sauce
•2 C. shredded cheese
•Pizza dough (mix or pre-made)


•Preheat oven according to pizza dough directions (typically 350-400 degrees).
•Brown bratwurst patties in a skillet and chop into crumbles with spatula. In separate skillet, cook bacon and chop into crumbles.
•Chop green pepper and onion.
•Prepare pizza dough according to directions and spread onto pizza stone or pizza pan
•Spread pizza sauce onto dough and add cheese, bratwurst crumbles, bacon crumbles, green pepper and onion on top of sauce.
•Bake pizza according to dough directions (typically 9-13 minutes).
•Yields approx. 6-8 servings.
Want to print the recipe?  Click below!

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