Nate’s Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

I’ll admit, I’m a very spoiled woman to have a husband that loves to cook.  I never even knew that I liked biscuits and gravy until Nate made his special recipe for me and I fell in love.  DELICIOUS!

Recipe is below and under the photos is a printable recipe sheet if you’d like to use that.  Enjoy!


•1 pound A Brown House ground pork sausage
•3 cups Vitamin D milk
•3 Tbsp. Flour
•Biscuits (we used the metal tube kind)
•Preheat oven according to biscuit directions.
•Brown ground pork sausage in a skillet and chop into crumbles with spatula.
•Add milk and flour and stir to blend all ingredients.
•At low-medium heat, let mixture sit until it bubbles slightly (stirring occasionally).
•Stir and let mixture thicken on low heat 2-3 minutes.
•Bake biscuits according to package instructions.
•Serve gravy mixture on or with biscuits.
•Yields approx. 8 servings.
Want to print the recipe?  Click below!

One response to “Nate’s Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

  1. Your Godfather’s going to LOVE the fact that you have discovered biscuits and gravy and like them. He had the Mickey D’s version with his Dad every Friday. Vince would make the delivery and they would spend the morning together talking, drinking coffee and consuming their biscuits and gravy. A great memory. You’ll create lots of memories like these over a lifetime. LOVE your blog….thanks for sharing.

    Sherri and John


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